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An appropriate blog on the appropriate day: Merry(Mary) Christmas

I was struggling with the idea of wether to release a blog on Christmas Day. The schedule said so, but would anyone be looking or paying attention? Then it came to me, this is the perfect day for this blog. “Thanks Britt”

A Christmas blog

If God came and told you-you would conceive a baby, yet you were a virgin, not married, and extremely young, would you believe Him? I can’t even begin to imagine the thoughts running through Mary’s mind when the angel appeared to her and the future was foretold. She would conceive through the power of the Spirit, have a son, and they would name him Jesus. If you are a woman, put yourself in her shoes for just a moment. She was extremely young, a virgin, not married, and chosen for a task that would cause her much scrutiny and pain. A baby changes everything, yet Mary put her total trust and faith in God and accepted the divine plans the Lord had for her life. “I am the servant of the Lord; let it be to me according to your word” (Luke 1:38). God would use her as a vessel to bring to the world a baby, but not just any baby. This baby would step off of a throne in heaven, take on human flesh, be born into the world in the most “non-kingly” way possible, but yet the wise men would see him and immediately bow down and worship him. Mary would give birth to a King. This King would save His people. This King is the main character in “The Christmas Story”. This King is our most treasured gift.

Are we spoiling the childhood magic? Are we taking the fun away from Christmas time? Doesn’t everyone anxiously await the jingle sound of Santa’s slay every Christmas Eve? I did. Sometimes I slept out by the stairs just so I could hear him when he came down the chimney. 🙂 Cookies and carrots and milk are set out and we fall fast asleep so he can come bearing all the gifts listed on our wish list. And we wait, with great expectation and excitement. Is the transition of “Old St. Nick” bad? No way! But think about this. Wonder if our children got as excited about Jesus’ birth as they do for Santa? What if we got as excited for Jesus’ birth as we do Santa? After all, Jesus came to give us the greatest gift of all. Salvation. Redemption. Forgiveness. Peace. Eternal life. This life with Him in our hearts and eternity in His presence.- all wrapped up into one tiny gift. A baby changed everything. There is no greater gift.


Brittany Fargo Terris

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