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Herb and garlic infused olive oil!

It’s about the simplest recipe anyone can follow. Pick some fresh herbs and wash them thoroughly. (Basil, tyme, oregano, rosemary) Leave them on the stem and drop them into your olive oil container along with a couple to four whole, peeled garlic cloves. the herbs and garlic will infuse with the olive oil over time. Enjoy!

Herb infused olive oil

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Turkey Egg Scramble

Great for meal prep or Sunday brunch w/ friends

(2) 15 oz egg whites
1 lb ground turkey (sauteed and seasoned)
1 red pepper
1 green pepper
1 sweet onion
1 cup mushrooms
2-3 garlic cloves
1 tsp rosemary
1 TBSP Italian seasoning
1/2 tsp paprika
Hand full of fresh spinach
Your favorite cheese or Nutritional yeast
Salt and pepper to taste


1. Preheat oven to 350
2. Sautee peppers, garlic, spices, mushrooms until soft, add spinach and cook about 2 minute- set aside
3. Sautee onion and ground turkey- season ground turkey with seasoning salt and pepper to taste
4. Add veggie mix and ground turkey to large baking pan
5. Pour (2) 15 oz egg whites over the mixture
6. Sprinkle with your favorite cheese or Nutritional yeast
6. Bake 350 for 15-20 minutes until eggs are firm and cooked through

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The front porch!

What’s it’s real purpose?
I think it’s purpose is different for everyone.

Some like a tidy porch
Some like a tiny porch

Some like a BIG porch
Some like a pig porch

Some like a long porch
Some like a pong porch (beer pong)

Some like a planty porch
Some like a fancy porch

Some like a junky porch
Some like a funky porch

Some like a rocky porch
Some like a hockey porch

Some like a work porch
Some like a dirt porch

Some like a wood porch
Some like a good porch

Some like a holy porch
Some like a roly porch

I like any porch, as long as it’s my porch!

Send us photos of your porch /

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The Epic swell, (upon arrival) Costa Rica

When we arrived in Costa Rica, the first thing we did was rent a couple SUV’s. I thought they would be serious SUV’s, you know, BMW, Range Rover, Toyota. The only choice we had was Hyundai. Yea right, this was gonna suck! Hyundai,Tucson and we needed two them for all the gear. Surfers travel with a load. Large surfboard bags full of surfboards and clothes.

We had to tie the boards and bags to the roofs of the SUV’s for our journey south. Our plan was to hit Manuel Antonio and check the swell there, maybe stay the night, if the waves looked promising. The trek to Manuel Antonio was pretty easy going and mostly paved highways and roads, when we arrived, the waves were lacking in size and oomph, but the view driving into that cove is one that I will never forget. A beautiful little beach town set at the base of cliffs along the edge of a beautiful cove/lagoon. I had never seen the, “perfect beach” but, this had to be it, or close. Can you say, “Corona commercial”? We only spent an hour or two here, making plans to stop and stay on our way back up the coast.

The next part of our journey would be a little bumpier as the roads would turn to gravel and dust. While driving slowly on the gravel roads, we noticed cars passing us on the shoulder at much faster speeds and we realized the road was softer on the shoulder and easier on our rear ends, so we decided to do the same. We couldn’t believe the difference at how the Hyundai traveled better/faster on the shoulder, than bumpy/slower in the middle. What we thought might take 6-7 hours of bumps and dust, took only 4 hours of dust, and dodging the occasional pedestrian or scooter.

We arrived in Dominical and decided to stop at a few seaside overlooks to check out the waves and how they were breaking. This is where the little Hyundai, Tucson would start to surprise us. Instead of walking to some of these seaside cliffs, we decided to drive along the edges of the lava rock. This little SUV had no problems at all navigating the sharp edges and deep crevasses. I was amazed at the punishment the Hyundai could endure. We found one spot about 80-90 ft above the breaking waves and noticed a walking path down to the water. They decided this was the place they were going to get in and paddle out to the waves. Since I wasn’t really a surfer and had only surfed small waves in Florida, I thought I’d sit this one out and photograph what I could, after all, the sun was going to set in a couple of hours and I’d probably get awesome sunset pics. Five guys made the hike down the cliff, with their surfboards tucked under their arms, they found the edge of the water and paddled out to where the waves were breaking. One guy had some difficulty even getting out there and I could tell he was exhausted as he started to paddle back in. It seemed like it took him longer than it should have. When he finally got into the rocky shore, I could tell he was utterly exhausted when he got back to the top of the cliff. He told me the tide was going out and it was very difficult for him to get in at all. We started to worry about the other guys out there, knowing they only had about an hour of sunlight left. We could follow them on the water with my camera, but once the sun dipped below the horizon, we could no longer keep track and they were all in different positions on the water. It was getting dark fast, so we decided to yell their names to see if they had made it into shore. We noticed one guy had made it in, but we didn’t know about the others. It had become a battle against the tide and we knew who would win that battle. I had the bright idea to turn the SUV around so the headlights would be pointing out to sea and they could at least see which direction to swim into. There were only a few spots which were safe for them to swim into because of the jagged rocks below and we wanted to mark at least one of those areas. As the tide went out, two safe areas quickly turned to one and we had to move the SUV to mark it for them. I got in and tried to move it over some pretty jagged lava rocks, but it seemed it was stuck. One of the guys said, “let me try”, hopped in, gunned it back and forth, and finally got it lose. He was able to move it to a better position for them to swim into.

A couple hours of darkness had passed, 3 of my buddies were still out in the water and we didn’t have a clue where they were. We really started to worry. We had been yelling for them for several hours when a couple of nice British guys had stopped on the road above the cliff, asking if we needed any help. While one guy stayed, the other went further down the road to see if our buddies might be walking up to find us. He came back within 10 or so minutes telling us he had been talking with a local fisherman and he thought he might know where our friends would come to shore. We hopped in their car and headed down to talk to the fisherman, of course he didn’t speak any English, but I spoke a little Spanish and he told me he knew where our amigo’s were. I was in shock and not sure weather to trust my interpretation of his Spanish, as he kept pointing and showing me where he thought they might come ashore. He seemed to be in a hurry to show me so he grabbed my flashlight, started running through the jungle, in his bare feet and pointed the light behind him so I could see. I had a heck of a time keeping up with him, when I finally did catch him, there was one of my buddies, with the others not far behind him. Wow! Relief, they were safe, exhausted , but safe. The little Costa Rican fisherman knew exactly where they would be forced to shore, forced to shore by the current and outgoing tide. I’m glad I trusted that fisherman, It’s like that had happened a couple times before and he knew the tides and currents so well, he was positive where they would show up. Our buddies had told us the it was the combination the headlights from the SUV above the cliff and the sound of the Fisherman at the bottom that guided them into shore. Oh, and this was day one! Stay tuned for more surfer stories.

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Herbaceous Meatballs!

Italian Style Meatballs

The ground meat makes all the difference in the world. Usually a combination of meats makes the best meatball.

1/2 – 1lb of ground chuck
1/2 -1lb of ground pork/sausage hot or sweet
1/2 – 1lb of ground veal or lamb or turkey
2 tblsp dried oregano
2 tblsp dried tyme
2 tbsp dried sweet basil
2 tbsp black ground pepper
2 tbsp sea salt
1 tblsp chopped rosemary
1 tsp chopped bayleaf
3/4 cup parmesan cheese
1 raw egg
1 1/2 cup of Italian bread crumbs

you can even add chopped herbs from your fresh garden. It only makes them better (be your own judge on the amount ).

Mix all the ingredients by hand. It only takes 5-10 minutes. Pinch off a golfball size or slightly larger piece and roll into a ball in the palms of your hands. Drop each ball into your pre-made sauce while its on a low simmer. This should make 15-20+ meatballs, depending on your rolling technique. Once all the meatballs are in the sauce, turn the heat to med – med hi for 40 – 50 minutes. The meatballs will be ready to eat after this time, but I recommend a taste to make sure they’re awesome. I suggest a, (meatball splash), recipe in a later blog. Then turn the heat back to a low simmer/cover and let cook for 3-5 hours. Make sure to stir the sauce and meatballs occasionally throughout the day. Put a little love into your meatballs and sauce. You can jar any excess and stick it in the fridge for later. Especially my lunch time favorite, The Meatball Sandwich! Stay tuned for that one!

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