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God’s Sovereignty


God’s sovereignty is our Peace.
“To grasp the concept of this is TWO fold. One- understanding the meaning of the word sovereign. Two- understanding who God is in comparison to who we are. The dictionary defines sovereignty as “supreme power or authority”. When we say God is sovereign, we are saying He has complete supernatural power and control over ALL things. All things about our lives; from our children, to our careers, to our spouses, to the disease that rids our bodies, and the pain that threatens to crush our souls. He’s Lord over all of it.

When we look at who God is in comparison to who we are we know He is infallible; we are faulty. He is unrestricted; we are limited. He is good, and there is nothing good about us apart from Him. When we allow those few words to roll off our tongues out of our mouths , it creates words that births truth and we come to know without a shadow of a doubt, He, the God of the universe is holding everything together, even when our visual eyes see nothing but fire and flame. Remember the burning bush Moses saw? The bush was on fire ridden with flame, yet it was never consumed.

I’m here today to tell you that God can be trusted. God can be trusted with your failing relationships, your child who’s running, your unplanned pregnancy, your painful diagnosis, your swaying heart, and every single scar that comes along with it. And when God’s character, attributes, and heart for you is trusted; His sovereignty becomes your saving peace. Let this truth comfort you today.”

Brittany Fargo Terris

“Yes, I am an advocate for discipline, but I am also an advocate of God’s grace. Children will be children. God disciplines us because He loves us. He shows us grace because He loves us. We are His children, so shouldn’t we do the same for the children He’s gifted us?”
Brittany Fargo Terris

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QUESTION! Does fear’s grip hold you?

We talk to ourselves a lot. Every day, all day most days. So, what we are saying to ourselves matters. Where we let our thoughts go matters. If not, cognizant, ruminating thoughts can leave us feeling gripped by fear. Whether our fears are very understandable or completely irrational, we are given a choice to begin replacing the fearful thoughts with truth. It doesn’t come easy and actually takes practice to notice and be intentional, but getting into a practice of this can help us guard our minds and our hearts against the evil one and shape our emotions in a positive and productive way each day.

What does the Lord say about fear? Read this as your replacement today. / / / / / “His huge outstretched arms protect you – under them, you’re perfectly safe; His arms fend off all harm. Fear nothing – not wild wolves in the night, not flying arrows in the day, not disease that prowls through the darkness, not disaster that erupts at high noon…He ordered his angels to guard you wherever you go.” (Psalm 4-6, 11) / / / / /


Brittany Fargo Terris

“Yes, I am an advocate for discipline, but I am also an advocate of God’s grace. Children will be children. God disciplines us because He loves us. He shows us grace because He loves us. We are His children, so shouldn’t we do the same for the children He’s gifted us?”
Brittany Fargo Terris

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Social Media Campaign!

This week I’m going to explain our social media campaign and how we would like for our followers to get involved…and or you guide us as to how you want to be involved.

We have decided to create a sort of mascot and we’d would like to incorporate The FIG (Fargo Insurance Group) in its’ name. Here is our first mascot.

This is our first of many mascot’s. What we would like to do is keep a mascot for about 6 months and give them away in a social media type of contest. This is where we need your help. What would be fun and involving on your part? How would you like to participate? What would get you involved?

We will start a campaign with… WHERE is FIG? WHERE will FIG go next? FOLLOW FIG!

Please give us your ideas and let us know the best way for you to participate in our social media campaign.


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Well, It’s that time of year: Swimming Safety


  • Always swim with a buddy.
  • Swim only in the areas that have a lifeguard.
  • Stay out of the water when you are  very tired, very cold or over heated.
  • Follow all swimming rules posted at the swimming area.
  • Obey the lifeguard’s instruction.
  • If you can’t see the bottom of the pool in the deep end or the water is cloudy, don’t swim there.
  • Avoid swimming at night in unlighted areas
  • Don’t chew gum or eat while swimming, you could choke.
  • don’t push shove or run near the water, horseplay can be dangerous.
  • Get out of the water immediately if you see lightening or hear thunder. Lightening can strike from 10 miles away.
  • Swim a safe distance away from diving boards and slides. Never swim under them.
  • Never swim near a dam or boat ramp
  • Avoid swimming in river currents
  • Always be aware of riptides and ocean currents.
  • Always assess the situation before entering any body of water.
  • Always wear or be knowledgable of  the locations of life-vests and life saving equipment.


  • Slides should be at the deep end of pools so that the entry is into at least 8 feet of water and away from diving areas.
  • Go down feet first or in a sitting position. Going down head first is dangerous – you could injure your head, neck or back.


  • Always know where the nearest lifeguard stand is.
  • Be sure you know the surf conditions before you get in the water. (riptides and currents)
  • Check for warning flags.
  • Observe danger signs.
  • Swim well away from piers, pilings and diving platforms.
  • Be on the lookout for dangerous marine life.
  • Do not swim with or amongst any marine life. They and you could be mistaken for food to larger predators.
  • If you swim out from shore, remember you have to swim back (possibly against a strong current)
  • If you are caught in a current, don’t try to fight it or swim against it. You can make it back to shore by swimming away from it by swimming perpendicular to the current. (don’t panic)
  • Don’t let anyone pressure you into a dangerous situation or stunt.


  • Be sure all areas have a lifeguard.
  • Position yourself carefully before you go down any slide.
  • Don’t be pressured into a stunt
  • In a wave pool be sure you know how deep the water will be when the wave is activated and running.
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We need your input

Here at The Fig, we are taking strides to increase our on-line and social media presence and we need your help.

What is it that makes you follow someone or some business? What would you like to see? What gives you value? We want our posts to be fun and/or entertaining. Let us know what makes you click, read and follow? Let’s face it. Insurance content is pretty boring. You can find a million websites and social media accounts that explain insurance. We want you to be excited to wake up and tackle your day and inspire you to be active with our blogs and posts. Please let us know what your thoughts are.

You can respond by clicking below on any social media platform and sending us a direct message or email me directly at



Instagram: @fargoinsurance

With Instagram you must use your phone. You can not link from a computer or laptop. Direct message us.


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Employee Profile: Ronnie Fitzpatrick

You could possibly find Ronnie in our Inwood office or you might find him on the basketball court coaching. Either place, you will find him working hard and deeply involved in his community. Wether it be coaching girls basketball or helping a client with insurance needs, Ronnie is an extremely hard worker and we appreciate him and his dedication to whatever he decides to tackle.

Ronnie has been with The Fig for 2 years and has brought with him a corporate management style. He’s extremely dedicated to our insureds and their needs within our community and beyond. A graduate of Shepherd University, Ronnie is proud of his local roots, and his accomplishments on and off the court. We are extremely excited to have Ronnie on board and anxiously await the future and growth of our agency.

There comes a time in ones life when we all need positive reinforcement and Ronnie is the person for the job. Always looking on the brighter side of things and forever upbeat in a time our society is in such desperate need of people always looking on the brighter side of things. His energy and enthusiasm in life is infectious. and we could all benefit from a person, friend or co-worker like Ronnie. This seems rare in today’s society and we welcome his attitude, dedication and determination to make this world and our community a better place to be, live, love and prosper. If you see Ronnie around, make sure to say hi and strike up a conversation or stop by our Inwood office if you like, you’ll be glad you did and you will probably come away from that conversation feeling a little better about yourself and life.

Thank you for being you Ronnie. We wouldn’t have it any other way! Good luck and keep up the great work you’re doing.

Ronnie & Family



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