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Employee profile: Erin Fitzpatrick; Inwood office

Erin graduated with a finance degree from Marshall University in May of 2005. She started working for the FIG in August of that same year. Erin became a permanent fixture in the Inwood, WV area when she took that office over in February of 2017. Married with 3 daughters and a dog named Sasha, Erin stays busy outside the office with plenty of extra curricular activities to keep her busy.

Two daughters are involved in Basketball and the third will surly get involved in something that will occupy even more of her time. Erin also stays busy as the Treasurer of The Lady Applemen High School Basketball Booster Club. Along with the boosters, Erin loves to cheer on and watch her daughters play ball pretty much all year round while her husband helps coach.

When Erin and her family aren’t doing something involving basketball, you can find them either at a Washington Redskins game or in front of a TV cheering them on. (Hail to the Redskins)!

What keeps Erin grounded you might ask? Well, it’s the quality time spent with her very large family and a verse from Philippians 4:13.


Please feel free to stop in the Inwood office and say hi to Erin. Her smile can brighten up any day!

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What is Travel Insurance and do I need it?

What is Travel insurance?

Basically, travel insurance is designed to limit potential worst-case-scenario risks and financial losses that could happen while traveling. These risks could include minor inconveniences such as missed connections and delayed luggage all the way to more pressing issues including injuries or major illness. Although what’s covered varies, the policies typically come in two modes — cancellation insurance and medical insurance.

What you need to know: What’s covered

There are mainly three things covered by travel Insurance. Unexpected trip cancelations, potential health crisis and believe it or not, it can cover problems that occur on the way to the airport or the cost of a replacement ticket if your airline fails.

Cancellation Insurance

Cancellation insurance policies typically cover problems that may occur immediately before or during your travels, which can include the need to cancel a trip due to illness, missing a flight because of an unforeseen circumstance or having to shorten your trip. If you have to cancel a trip, most policies will cover pre-paid, non-refundable purchases ranging from airline tickets to package tours.

Cancellation insurance may also include travel delays as well as luggage problems, such as lost or stolen bags, or delayed arrival. In most cases you’ll have to pay the expenses up front and get reimbursed later.

One thing you should know immediately — U.S. health insurance doesn’t cover international illness. Your insurance may cover you if you’re traveling and need treatment in the U.S., but if you get sick overseas without travel insurance, you’ll likely have to pay for treatment out of pocket.


Medical Insurance 

Medical insurance typically covers costs up to a certain amount for emergency treatment including accidents and major health problems.

What’s covered in medical travel insurance can be confusing. If you have a pre-existing condition, for example, you must declare it at the time you buy the insurance, even if the illness isn’t covered. If you fail to do so, your entire policy can be invalid.

Many companies offer comprehensive plans that combine aspects of trip cancellation and emergency medical insurance. The policies include travel assistance, too.

We hope this helps with any future decisions you might make regarding travel insurance.

Definitions and coverages provided by Nationwide Insurance

Please contact one of our agents for any further information on travel insurance. The FIG 

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Employee Profile: Martha Poling ; Parsons WV office

Martha has been in the insurance industry for over
40 years. The Fargo Insurance Group is glad to have her experience and wisdom on our team.

Martha has also been in the Parsons area for over 40 years.
She and her sister Cathy regularly walk the town after work for exercise and community chat. Please say hello to these ladies if you see them walking about town. Unless it’s raining of course.

Martha is an avid reader of the Christian mystery writer, Terri Blackstock. She also enjoys designing and making country crafts in her spare time.

Thank you Martha for your dedication to the insurance industry and Parsons, WV, they have both benefited from your lifetime commitment to a better community.

Please contact Martha in our Parsons, WV office for any of your insurance needs and/or questions. She’s happy to help in any way she can.

contact info: The FIG


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A good day to learn about Umbrella Insurance.

You’ve insured your car and your home. If the unexpected should occur, make sure you are protected.

A personal umbrella insurance policy offers an extra layer of liability protection for your assets if there’s a serious auto accident or accident on your property. Otherwise, you could be liable for more than your current auto or homeowners coverage limits.

Personal liability insurance helps protect your wages, house, investments, cars and boats from being at risk if a serious accident occurs. Talk to an agent to find out what the best level of coverage is for your situation.

Consider this scenario:

  • Your home insurance provides $300,000 of liability coverage.
  • A serious accident occurs on your property, and you’re sued for $1.3 million resulting in a judgment against you.
  • Your insurance would pay up to $300,000 for a covered accident, but you would need to come up with the remaining $1 million.
  • If you had $2 million of coverage under an umbrella insurance policy, you would not need to liquidate your assets to pay the remaining $1 million in this example.

Please contact one of our qualified agents about your umbrella policy today in one of our many locations @ The Fargo Insurance Group 

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Community Involvement! Happy Halloween!

The Fargo Insurance Group would like to thank, Rankin Physical Therapy and Fitness Center for letting us participate with their Trunk or Treat Halloween giveaway last night. It was a great success! We gave away lots of candy and goodies to hundreds of Trunk or Treaters. We look forward to next year.

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Do I need renters insurance?

What is renters insurance?

Renters insurance is a policy purchased by someone who is renting their home. It usually covers the contents or personal property inside the home. Please consult any of our agents to discuss coverages.

What to consider

apartment contents

When purchasing renters insurance, the first thing you should consider is the amount of content you want covered.

Contents are your articles and/or personal property inside the home. Furniture, clothing etc…
Again, please contact any of our agents for coverage amounts.

Renters insurance doesn’t only cover your personal property. It can protect you from liability if someone is injured in your home.
Again, please contact one of our agents for liability coverage amounts.

What should I do?

Calculating the value of your personal property and contents usually reveals the fact that you have more than you think. Take an inventory of every item you own that will be in the rental space. You can take a video inventory along with documentation. Electronics, art, home goods and clothing can add up to larger amounts than you realize. Estimate the items current value, not what you paid.

Please contact one of our agents for a renters insurance quote. The reality is, for the amount of coverage most renters policies provide, they are very affordable and can be combined with the monthly payment of your auto insurance.

CONTACT: The Fargo Insurance Group

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