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The benefits of pet insurance.

When it comes to auto or homeowners, most people understand the basic benefits and when they should get it. But what about Pet Insurance? Many debate whether it makes more sense to pay a monthly premium on the chance that something bad might happen to their pet or just save money in case of an emergency. Below are some of the top reasons to consider pet insurance.

Pet insurance can save you money in the long run

Pet care is expensive. Modern veterinarians [often] use the same products as in human medicine.  An orthopedic surgery or cancer or a trauma case can set you back thousands.

Without pet insurance, veterinarian bills can be pricey. An office visit typically costs between $70 and $150, and that doesn’t even include routine treatments or tests. The bills add up quickly if there’s something wrong.  Even if your pet never gets sick. Cats  and dogs swallow objects all the time and emergency surgery isn’t cheap.

Having pet insurance can help mitigate these costs – and maybe even help save your pet’s life.

Pet insurance could result in improved care

Veterinarians can run the tests that I need to give a more accurate and timely diagnosis. That means faster treatment for your pet and more options for families. Although owners say they don’t care about cost, their resolve often fades when they see the size of the bill. Insurance allows them to consider all the approaches.

This could be the biggest advantage of all.  People who purchase policies are helping to ensure they’ll be able to care for their pets if their four-legged companion falls ill.

How to buy pet insurance

You can start by researching pet coverage and getting a pet insurance quote.  You may also want to speak to your veterinarian. Since they’re pet experts, they can talk about your animal, its condition, any concerns that may be associated with its breed and any other potential problems. The discussion can help you look for a policy that best addresses those issues.

Choosing the right pet insurance

As with health insurance for humans, pet insurance can come at different levels including:

Wellness: A good bet for younger pets, the least expensive level covers the basics, including routine  wellness visits and vaccinations.

Major: This pricier option may offer set levels of coverage for a variety of needs including prescriptions, chronic conditions and surgery and even some hereditary conditions. It also covers accidents.

Some companies may also offer a high-end plan, which combines the benefits of major medical and wellness plans.

Once you’ve made the decision, purchasing is relatively easy, Lynch says. All you have to do is fill out a few forms. You don’t even have to take your pet in for an exam. That’s simpler than getting homeowners insurance.

Please contact someone at The FIG today for any questions you might have about pet insurance.


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Insurance tips and information: 16 things to carry in your car.

16 Things You Should Have In The Trunk Of Your Car

  1. Jumper cables. Because dead batteries are a fact of life. … or Battery pack jumper cables.
  2. First aid kit. For minor wounds and for minimizing damage until EMTs can arrive.
  3. Kitty litter
  4. Spare tire
  5. Jack
  6. Lug wrench
  7. Air pump
  8. Tire pressure gauge
  9. A durable multitool, ie…Swiss Army knife or Leatherman tool
  10. Hazard triangle/flares
  11. Safety vest
  12. Blanket
  13. Fire extinguisher
  14. Tow strap
  15. Duct tape
  16. Flashlight/flashlights


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Insurance tips and information: Collector & Classic Car Insurance


You know what’s best for your classic car under the hood – but what about the best classic car insurance? The FIG has you covered with collector car insurance designed for the unique needs of classic car collectors.

Does your vehicle qualify for classic car insurance?

To qualify for collector car insurance you must meet the following requirements:

Usage: Our policy allows you to use your collector vehicle for club functions, exhibitions, organized meets, tours and even occasional pleasure driving. As long as it’s not your daily driver, it qualifies for classic car insurance.

Storage: To qualify for classic car insurance, vintage vehicles generally must be stored in a private, enclosed, secure structure when not in use. Appropriate storage examples include:

  • Private residential garages
  • Private pole buildings or barns
  • Rental storage units

Regular-use vehicles: All household members with a valid driver’s license must have a regular-use vehicle for daily driving to qualify for classic car insurance. Motorcycles and public transportation are not considered regular-use vehicles by our program in most cases.

Classic truck coverage: Collector trucks can also be covered by classic car insurance. We understand that you might have different uses in mind for a truck, which is why we offer specialized collector car insurance coverages. Talk to your agent about how hauling and towing can be considered on a limited basis under a classic car policy.

Available classic car insurance coverages

Collision: Although classic cars aren’t for daily use, accidents can still happen. Whether it’s a collision with another vehicle or another object, your classic car policy may reimburse you for the damages.

Theft: In the unfortunate event that your classic car is stolen, Nationwide collector car insurance can cover you for the full amount specified on your policy.

Other Damage: Unexpected damage such as fire and vandalism may be covered under your vintage car insurance policy as well.

Additional classic car coverages and benefits: You can also get specialized coverage for automobilia, automotive tools, spare parts ($750 included at no charge, $0 deductible), Vehicle Under Construction endorsement, Traveling Collector endorsement.

Contact someone today at The FIG for a quote on your classic car.

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Insurance tips and Information: 9 Essential things every homeowner should have

  1. Wet-Dry Vacuum
  2. The correct fire extinguisher
  3. Extension chord
  4. Tool kit: stud finder, handsaw, ratchet set, Pry bar
  5. Headlamp
  6. Emergency preparedness kit: cash, food, water, coins, medication, flashlight, batteries, first aid kit, matches, sleeping bags and change of clothing.
  7. Ladders: small and tall
  8. Smoke detectors
  9. A fire escape plan


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