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Making a claim!


What to do if you need to report a claim. Wether it be your home/property, your car/boat/motorcycle, your pet or a loved ones life. Here at the FIG, we are committed to our clients and their safety. The first thing one should do is get yourself and loved ones to a safe place away from danger of the elements and surroundings. Remember, if you don’t save and or help yourself first, you can’t help a loved one or anyone else.

Second — Take a breath, assess the situation and call 911 if necessary. Safety is always first. Please don’t worry about the insurance claim at this particular time. We will be there for you through the process.

Third — Make the claim by either contacting someone here at The FIG (304) 276-4915 0r the claims phone number for the particular company that insures your property, pet or person.  You can also make a claim online for the particular company that insures you. Here at The Fig, we represent many different Insurance companies and they all have their own claims process and or contact information. Again, don’t worry we are here to help, that’s what we do. We are here for you through this tumultuous time, that is the business we’re in and we’ve been doing it since 1974.

What information will I likely need to provide?

  • Your name and address
  • Names or addresses of any witnesses or injured people
  • General loss information (what happened)
  • Your policy number if available

What happens after I report a claim?

A claims professional will review the details of your loss and start the claims process. If you have any questions after filing your claim, you must talk and deal with the claims representative working the claim. We can be a go between for you and the claims representative, but the claims rep from that particular company is the key person. We are here to help the process be as seamless as possible.

What should I do if I suffer property loss?

  1. If necessary, protect your property from further damage by making reasonable temporary repairs. Keep a record of repair costs and be sure to keep your receipts.
  2. Notify us
  3. If damage was caused by theft or vandalism, notify the police. Police reports are very important in the process
  4. If your loss is related to a bank electronic fund transfer or credit card, notify your financial institution.

What should I do after an auto accident?

  1. Notify the police.
  2. Collect the descriptions and specific damages to all vehicles, as well as the names and addresses of all people and witnesses involved.
  3. Notify us or the company that provides your insurance with details of the accident, so we can begin the claims investigation.
  4. Promptly send us copies of any letters, notices or legal papers you receive about the accident. You may be asked to submit documentation of your loss. If you were treated for injuries, you may be asked to submit that information as well.

How do I make a glass claim on my auto?

  • If you’re on the road and the damage obscures your vision, pull to a safe location and put on your emergency lights
  • Start your auto glass claim by giving us a call (304) 267-4915 or calling the Insurance company directly or making an online glass claim with that particular company.
  • Pick the date, time and place where you’d like the repair or replacement service performed
  • Make a note of your referral number

Some companies we write auto insurance through have mobil glass repair at your place of convenience, (home or work).

You’re free to have repairs done at a repair shop of your choosing, but please call us at (304) 267-4915 before agreeing to any work.

How do I report claims fraud?

  • Please give us a call (304)267-4915 or contact us online (The FIG) to start this process.

Pet insurance claim

Please contact us by phone (304) 267-4915 or online (The FIG) to help you with this claim. If you have pet insurance be sure to keep any invoices you have paid and we can help you with the claim after your pet has been treated by a veterinarian.


Life insurance claims

Dealing with the death of a loved one is never easy. At The FIG, we understand that it can be a stressful time. We’ll do everything we can to make the claims process less stressful for you. We’ve been helping beneficiaries with life insurance and annuity claims since 1974. We care about you and your family and we make extra strides to be compassionate in these difficult times. Remember we are there for YOU!

What documents do I need for a death benefit claim.

In addition to a completed claim, we also may request other documents, such as a copy of the death certificate. The death certificate is the standard form of documentation for a life insurance or annuity claim. A death certificate is issued by an authorized government agency, such as a county health department or local vital statistics office. The funeral home director may be able to acquire or help you acquire a copy.




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Employee Profile: Rodger Cummings

Rodger Cummings


You might find Rodger at the county fair or out getting ready for hunting season (Deer) in the fall. You can definitely find Rodger at our Oakland, MD/ Terra Alta office’s. Working on ways to help insure your families. Rodger is actively involved in his community through the local High School FFA’s, county fairs and many other activities throughout the year.


Rodger is well versed in the insurance needs of the area. He was with the Jay Shillito and Dave Hansford Agencies respectively, 12 years prior. Someone told me he was pretty good at making wood clocks also. When you see Rodger around town, say hey and tell him thanks for his dedication to the community. We hear at The Fargo Insurance Group (FIG) sure appreciate his community involvement and we’re glad to have him on the team. Keep up the good work Rodger!


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9 ways to get ready for spring cleaning


Spring is right around the corner — so it’s time to make a few preparations to get your house organized and sparkling clean! With a few housekeeping tips now, you’ll be ready to throw open the windows and enjoy the fresh air. Soon. PROMISE!


Get in the mood!

In order for your spring cleaning endeavors to be effective and at least a tiny bit fun, you need to prepare yourself mentally. Focus on how wonderful it will feel to transition into spring with a fresh, clean, welcoming home and set a date that you can keep with your cleaning. Mark it on the calendar, and commit to keeping that date.

Make a list of all the things you want to tackle 

As you ponder how to prepare your home for spring cleaning, the priorities will dictate what gets moved where, what supplies you need purchase, and what you take on first.

Purchase necessary supplies 

Fresh rubber gloves, plenty of cleaners, trash bags, and other supplies that you may need. Stock up on lightbulbs, drain clog remover, door hinge grease, and other small things you may find require fixing along the way


In the days leading up to the Big Clean, make little steps toward decluttering. Take out all of the recycling, put away all of your clothes, get rid of old food from the refrigerator, and so on – one of the simplest ways to get your home ready for spring.

Save vacuuming and mopping for last 

Start with dusting all of those hard-to-reach places. Clean ceiling fans, the top of your refrigerator, the top of the TV stand, and light fixtures – whatever places you don’t typically clean on your average house cleaning day. Since you haven’t vacuumed yet you don’t have to worry about getting dust on the floor.

Clean out furniture

Similarly, clean out cabinets and the refrigerator early on. Don’t forget to clean underneath and around the coils, where dust and grime can have an impact on your appliance’s efficiency.

wipe down your walls

A winter of being closed in will likely mean your walls have accumulated more grime and dust than you think they would, being vertical surfaces. As long as your paint can handle a washing, you can use a sponge mop to do the dirtiest work and dry your walls with a soft, clean cloth. If you aren’t sure whether your paint can withstand washing, spot test it somewhere out of sight.

Wash carpets and upholstery 

Especially if you have pets! Fabrics may not show the grime yet, but over time it will set in and stain. Use a carpet cleaner and you will be amazed at just how dirty the water becomes. Similarly, a small upholstery cleaner can be rented for a decent price and will do wonders for your sofa seat. You won’t regret it – just be sure you arrange your schedule to leave enough time for it to dry.

Vacuum and mop 

Lastly, vacuum, mop, and vigorously sweep your entry stairway and walkway. Voila!




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To the overwhelmed mom and the overworked dad!

The clean laundry is stacked up a mile high, dirty dishes in the sink are spilling over, there’s a floor that needs to be vacuumed from a sweet 3 year old’s breakfast and lunch, and you can barely see the floor because toys almost completely cover it. The days I feel like I have no clue what I’m doing way outnumber the days where I feel like I have everything under control. To society, I would kind of look like a “hot mess” mom that needs to step up to the plate, set her exhaustion to the side and start doing what a “super-mom” does- everything. I should have dinner on the table and all toys cleaned up as soon as my husband gets home from work, and if I don’t, I’ve failed at being a wife today. My children should always be on their best behavior, never acting out, especially in public, or I’ve failed at mommying today. (Side note: Yes, I am an advocate for discipline, but I am also an advocate of God’s grace. Children will be children. God disciplines us because He loves us. He shows us grace because He loves us. We are His children, so shouldn’t we do the same for the children He’s gifted us?). I can’t ask my husband to help clean up the toys or to finish dinner while I go nurse a hungry infant because that would be wrong of me. I’m the mom, so I’m supposed to be successfully doing everything in the home, therefore I should nurse my infant in one arm and prepare the vegetables with the other side of my body….

Sisters, we have an enemy that prowls around like a roaring lion trying to devour us daily- our minds, our hearts, and our souls. This way of irrational thinking indeed devours our souls, depresses our minds, and slowly eats at our hearts leaving us feeling overwhelmed and inadequate as wives and mothers. Here is the simple truth- The Lord never created us women to bear this weight alone; He didn’t create us to take it all on ourselves. And when we do, what happens? For me personally, that overwhelming sense of inadequacy floods my mind, and in these moments, I fail to run to Jesus because, in my irrational thinking, I need to bear the weight of the world to be a successful mommy and wife. This is so far from the truth. In reality, playing “super-women” is killing my soul. The evil one is great at allowing this overwhelming feeling to steady our minds on ourselves and what we aren’t doing instead of steadying our minds on Jesus and what He’s doing in us as parents and inside our homes. Friends, I will admit, I fail my children and my husband daily, not based on worldly standards, but based on pointing them to Christ because of the burden I place on myself- that I have to do it all because I’m “mommy” and because of this, my mind drifts off Jesus and onto my failures.

Brothers, your wife needs your help. Whether she wants to admit it or not, she can not and was not made to do “home” all herself. Pray for wisdom. Continually study her to know her cues for rescue. God created you to be her help-mate. Give her your gift of service. Pray for her as often as you think of her, and pray with her every chance you get. Help her soul blossom in this beautifully hard season of childbearing.

Over the past 7 years of marriage, the Lord has been so kind in showing and teaching Devin, my husband clues of when I am starting to get overwhelmed. He’s graciously learned that he doesn’t have to be asked if I want him to do the dishes. If they are stacked up high, he teams up with me to “get-er-done” while I throw a load of laundry in or bathe the kids. Or vice versa the rolls! The first few years, yes I had to step off the “super-woman” stool and humbly admit I needed help. Marriage and parenthood are a team-effort, working both side by side and conversing face to face. I don’t want my children remembering me as a short-fused/discipline queen because I’m so overwhelmed at taking on every task before me, so I’m learning to ask for help; to ask for help from two sources; one being my husband and one being my Lord. Yes, women- ask your husbands for help. Devin knows he can help lighten that burden by praying for me, and he is learning that he can lighten the load by tangibly putting away the clean, piled high laundry or the mile high dishes. Sisters, throw your “super-women” cape away (this mentality is killing our souls) and wake your husband up at night to help with your infant even if he has to work the next day- this doesn’t mean you’ve failed at being a mommy because you need sleep. It means your help-mate/husband is showing you and your precious child an act of love through his service. It doesn’t matter that he just go home from work and has worked all day. Home is not work. Bathing your child is not work. Doing the dishes is not work. These are all acts of service to show love towards your children and your spouse. It’s showing your children that both mommy and daddy can successfully meet their physical need of bathing them clean and the emotional need of being there to enjoy their peaceful presence. Your husband is your help-mate; team up with him. Through the Lord’s miraculous design- it takes a male and female to create a child; it also takes both mommy and daddy in parenthood to hold up a God-centered household. A God-centered household is possible through understanding the redemptive work of Jesus, which has already been done for you. So, because of this redemptive work, through the roller-coasters of parenthood, I know that He’s with me, helping me, helping Devin, and helping our children to see His grace mirrored through us, their parents as we team up to together take on this gift called parenthood.

No mommy- you actually can’t do it alone. Why? Because you were never created to do it alone. So, leave the dishes for your husband to do tonight, go give your kids a bath and instead of looking at it as a task, consider it a gift from the Lord, a gift of your calm and peaceful presence in the lives of your children because your load has been lightened with love from your husband and care from the Lord.


Brittany Fargo Terris

“Yes, I am an advocate for discipline, but I am also an advocate of God’s grace. Children will be children. God disciplines us because He loves us. He shows us grace because He loves us. We are His children, so shouldn’t we do the same for the children He’s gifted us?”
Brittany Fargo Terris


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What does Condo Insurance cover?

Why you need Condominium insurance. (1)To protect what you own. (2)To protect yourself. (3)To ensure you have somewhere to live.

What it covers:


Protects your furniture, clothing & other items from covered losses.


Reimbursement for additional living expenses when a covered loss prevents you from living in your home.


Pays for covered damages to additions, alterations, fixtures, improvements or installations that you make to your residence.


Helps pay for covered damages or bodily injury if an accident occurs in your home.


Helps cover payment for medical or funeral costs for someone who is injured on your property.


Pays up to your selected limit for unauthorized transactions on your credit cards and bank debit/ATM card. Also applies to forged checks and counterfeit money.

Please contact someone at The FIG today for any additional information or quotes.

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Are you prepared for a disaster? Make a plan!


Make a plan today. Your family may not be together if a disaster strikes, so it is important to know which types of disasters could affect your area. Know how you’ll contact one another and reconnect if separated. Establish a family meeting place that’s familiar and easy to find.

Step 1: Put together a plan by discussing these 4 questions with your family, friends, or household to start your emergency plan.


  1. How will I receive emergency alerts and warnings?
  2. What is my shelter plan?
  3. What is my evacuation route?
  4. What is my family/household communication plan?

Step 2:  Consider specific needs in your household.

As you prepare your plan tailor your plans and supplies to your specific daily living needs and responsibilities. Discuss your needs and responsibilities and how people in the network can assist each other with communication, care of children, business, pets, or specific needs like the operation of durable medical equipment. Create your own personal network for specific areas where you need assistance.  Keep in mind some these factors when developing your plan:

  • Different ages of members within your household
  • Responsibilities for assisting others
  • Locations frequented
  • Dietary needs
  • Medical needs including prescriptions and equipment
  • Disabilities or access and functional needs including devices and equipment
  • Languages spoken
  • Cultural and religious considerations
  • Pets or service animals
  • Households with school-aged children

Step 3: Fill out a Family Emergency Plan

Download and fill out a family emergency plan or use them as a guide to create your own.

Step 4: Practice your plan with your family/household

The following are links to help you prepare for any type of disaster; Provided by FEMA:

All information provided by 


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