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Employee Profile: Rodger Cummings

Rodger Cummings


You might find Rodger at the county fair or out getting ready for hunting season (Deer) in the fall. You can definitely find Rodger at our Oakland, MD/ Terra Alta office’s. Working on ways to help insure your families. Rodger is actively involved in his community through the local High School FFA’s, county fairs and many other activities throughout the year.


Rodger is well versed in the insurance needs of the area. He was with the Jay Shillito and Dave Hansford Agencies respectively, 12 years prior. Someone told me he was pretty good at making wood clocks also. When you see Rodger around town, say hey and tell him thanks for his dedication to the community. We hear at The Fargo Insurance Group (FIG) sure appreciate his community involvement and we’re glad to have him on the team. Keep up the good work Rodger!


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