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Employee Profile: Ronnie Fitzpatrick

You could possibly find Ronnie in our Inwood office or you might find him on the basketball court coaching. Either place, you will find him working hard and deeply involved in his community. Wether it be coaching girls basketball or helping a client with insurance needs, Ronnie is an extremely hard worker and we appreciate him and his dedication to whatever he decides to tackle.

Ronnie has been with The Fig for 2 years and has brought with him a corporate management style. He’s extremely dedicated to our insureds and their needs within our community and beyond. A graduate of Shepherd University, Ronnie is proud of his local roots, and his accomplishments on and off the court. We are extremely excited to have Ronnie on board and anxiously await the future and growth of our agency.

There comes a time in ones life when we all need positive reinforcement and Ronnie is the person for the job. Always looking on the brighter side of things and forever upbeat in a time our society is in such desperate need of people always looking on the brighter side of things. His energy and enthusiasm in life is infectious. and we could all benefit from a person, friend or co-worker like Ronnie. This seems rare in today’s society and we welcome his attitude, dedication and determination to make this world and our community a better place to be, live, love and prosper. If you see Ronnie around, make sure to say hi and strike up a conversation or stop by our Inwood office if you like, you’ll be glad you did and you will probably come away from that conversation feeling a little better about yourself and life.

Thank you for being you Ronnie. We wouldn’t have it any other way! Good luck and keep up the great work you’re doing.

Ronnie & Family



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