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God’s Sovereignty


God’s sovereignty is our Peace.
“To grasp the concept of this is TWO fold. One- understanding the meaning of the word sovereign. Two- understanding who God is in comparison to who we are. The dictionary defines sovereignty as “supreme power or authority”. When we say God is sovereign, we are saying He has complete supernatural power and control over ALL things. All things about our lives; from our children, to our careers, to our spouses, to the disease that rids our bodies, and the pain that threatens to crush our souls. He’s Lord over all of it.

When we look at who God is in comparison to who we are we know He is infallible; we are faulty. He is unrestricted; we are limited. He is good, and there is nothing good about us apart from Him. When we allow those few words to roll off our tongues out of our mouths , it creates words that births truth and we come to know without a shadow of a doubt, He, the God of the universe is holding everything together, even when our visual eyes see nothing but fire and flame. Remember the burning bush Moses saw? The bush was on fire ridden with flame, yet it was never consumed.

I’m here today to tell you that God can be trusted. God can be trusted with your failing relationships, your child who’s running, your unplanned pregnancy, your painful diagnosis, your swaying heart, and every single scar that comes along with it. And when God’s character, attributes, and heart for you is trusted; His sovereignty becomes your saving peace. Let this truth comfort you today.”

Brittany Fargo Terris

“Yes, I am an advocate for discipline, but I am also an advocate of God’s grace. Children will be children. God disciplines us because He loves us. He shows us grace because He loves us. We are His children, so shouldn’t we do the same for the children He’s gifted us?”
Brittany Fargo Terris

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