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Making a claim!


What to do if you need to report a claim. Wether it be your home/property, your car/boat/motorcycle, your pet or a loved ones life. Here at the FIG, we are committed to our clients and their safety. The first thing one should do is get yourself and loved ones to a safe place away from danger of the elements and surroundings. Remember, if you don’t save and or help yourself first, you can’t help a loved one or anyone else.

Second — Take a breath, assess the situation and call 911 if necessary. Safety is always first. Please don’t worry about the insurance claim at this particular time. We will be there for you through the process.

Third — Make the claim by either contacting someone here at The FIG (304) 276-4915 0r the claims phone number for the particular company that insures your property, pet or person.  You can also make a claim online for the particular company that insures you. Here at The Fig, we represent many different Insurance companies and they all have their own claims process and or contact information. Again, don’t worry we are here to help, that’s what we do. We are here for you through this tumultuous time, that is the business we’re in and we’ve been doing it since 1974.

What information will I likely need to provide?

  • Your name and address
  • Names or addresses of any witnesses or injured people
  • General loss information (what happened)
  • Your policy number if available

What happens after I report a claim?

A claims professional will review the details of your loss and start the claims process. If you have any questions after filing your claim, you must talk and deal with the claims representative working the claim. We can be a go between for you and the claims representative, but the claims rep from that particular company is the key person. We are here to help the process be as seamless as possible.

What should I do if I suffer property loss?

  1. If necessary, protect your property from further damage by making reasonable temporary repairs. Keep a record of repair costs and be sure to keep your receipts.
  2. Notify us
  3. If damage was caused by theft or vandalism, notify the police. Police reports are very important in the process
  4. If your loss is related to a bank electronic fund transfer or credit card, notify your financial institution.

What should I do after an auto accident?

  1. Notify the police.
  2. Collect the descriptions and specific damages to all vehicles, as well as the names and addresses of all people and witnesses involved.
  3. Notify us or the company that provides your insurance with details of the accident, so we can begin the claims investigation.
  4. Promptly send us copies of any letters, notices or legal papers you receive about the accident. You may be asked to submit documentation of your loss. If you were treated for injuries, you may be asked to submit that information as well.

How do I make a glass claim on my auto?

  • If you’re on the road and the damage obscures your vision, pull to a safe location and put on your emergency lights
  • Start your auto glass claim by giving us a call (304) 267-4915 or calling the Insurance company directly or making an online glass claim with that particular company.
  • Pick the date, time and place where you’d like the repair or replacement service performed
  • Make a note of your referral number

Some companies we write auto insurance through have mobil glass repair at your place of convenience, (home or work).

You’re free to have repairs done at a repair shop of your choosing, but please call us at (304) 267-4915 before agreeing to any work.

How do I report claims fraud?

  • Please give us a call (304)267-4915 or contact us online (The FIG) to start this process.

Pet insurance claim

Please contact us by phone (304) 267-4915 or online (The FIG) to help you with this claim. If you have pet insurance be sure to keep any invoices you have paid and we can help you with the claim after your pet has been treated by a veterinarian.


Life insurance claims

Dealing with the death of a loved one is never easy. At The FIG, we understand that it can be a stressful time. We’ll do everything we can to make the claims process less stressful for you. We’ve been helping beneficiaries with life insurance and annuity claims since 1974. We care about you and your family and we make extra strides to be compassionate in these difficult times. Remember we are there for YOU!

What documents do I need for a death benefit claim.

In addition to a completed claim, we also may request other documents, such as a copy of the death certificate. The death certificate is the standard form of documentation for a life insurance or annuity claim. A death certificate is issued by an authorized government agency, such as a county health department or local vital statistics office. The funeral home director may be able to acquire or help you acquire a copy.




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